‘Wake Up with Dharma’ is the official Dharma e-learning website of Khenpo Kalsang Nyima managed by his students under his guidance.

Khenpo Kalsang Nyima is Director of Karma Shri Nalanda Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies in Rumtek Dharma Chakra Center, the international seat of His Holiness the Karmapa in Sikkim, India and Chief Disciplinary Master of the annual International Kagyu Monlam in Bodhgaya.

This website is named after a WeChat group that was created by Khenpo in September 2015. The group makes profound teachings of the sacred Dharma readily available to his students through their mobile phones. Often times, Khenpo gave the teachings in form of self-composed Dharma songs.

ཤེས་རབ་ཀྱི་མིག་ཕྱེ་བར་བྱའོ། བྱམས་བརྩེའི་དྲོད་སྐྱེད་པར་བྱའོ།
དེ་ཁོ་ན་ཉིད་ཀྱི་དོན་སྟོན་པར་བྱའོ། ཞི་བ་དང་བདེ་བ་སྤེལ་བར་བྱའོ། སྐལ་བཟང་ཉི་མས།

We will beat the great drum of the holy Dharma,
In order to be awakened from the deep sleep of ignorance and dream of samsara:
The eye of wisdom shall be opened,
The warmth of loving-kindness generated,
The meaning of suchness taught
And peace and well-being will be spread.

Composed by Khenpo Kalsang Nyima on 18th July 2017

This website aims at sharing the teachings given by Khenpo in different occasions. They include the Dharma songs that he composed and shared in the ‘Wake Up with Dharma’ WeChat group and official Facebook page and the extensive teachings on the Mahamudra preliminaries from the Karma Kamtsang lineage, the practice lineage that Khenpo gave in person in the ‘Wake Up with Dharma’ retreats in 2019 and 2020. The teaching materials and resources are to be used to support the daily Dharma practice of his students, in particular on the four foundations.

Khenpo would also like to invite his students and other Dharma brothers and sisters who were unable to join these retreats and those who need to start or continue the preliminary practice to register in this website to listen and contemplate these precious resources.

In 2019 and early 2020, Khenpo spared time from his heavy Dharma work to give the teachings of the Mahamudra preliminaries in three retreats, led these retreats in person and practiced together with his students.

Two of these retreats were in 2019 with one in Hong Kong in March and a nine-day retreat in Chiang Mai of Thailand from September to October. The last one was completed after 15 days in Bodhgaya, the Varja seat, in India in February 2020.

The first set of teachings that will be made available were given during the ‘Wake Up with Dharma’ retreat held in Chiang Mai from 28 September 2019 to 7 October 2019.

The practice of Four Foundations is an important Dharma practice that helps turn our minds towards Buddhadharma. Without engaging in a daily practice of Buddhadharma, being accepted by a large number of great masters, having received many powerful empowerments, and profound teachings cannot help remove our afflictions and obscurations. It is not to mention of growing our virtuous qualities like loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom, and ultimately arising the view and realization of Mahamudra, or the Great Perfection in our mindstreams.

We now have a precious human body. But our life is short. To make it meaningful, we should practice Buddhadharma, which will not just benefit ourselves in this and next life, but the most important of all, all the living beings throughout the space to attain perfect Buddhahood.